Turbine Filters

V12:C12-Reduced-Pressure-DropWe offer a wide variety of V-Bank, Conical and Cylindrical filters for the Gas Turbine Industry. The Complete Capture technology has proven performance, increased efficiency and decreased pressure drop.

Complete Capture Filters

Features & Benefits

Premium ePTFE HEPA grade efficiency Reduced maintenance cost
Reduced pressure drop Increased revenue
Hydrophoebic media Prolonged turbine life
Proprietary ePTFE membrane Eliminates on-line/off-line washing

Increased EnergyV12:C12-Reduced-Efficiency

Reduced pressure drop, increased efficiency and superior durability provide a cleanroom standard to reduce off-line washing and associated power loss.

Reduced Costs

With higher power output, less maintenance and reduced fuel cost, the proprietary Complete Capture Technology delivers unmatched savings V11:C11-Reduced-Pressure-Dropleading to increased revenue.

Stay Ahead

Cutting edge hydrophoebic media eliminates blow by of sub-micron particles, oils, water, sand and dirt. Complete Capture media provides up to 99.68% efficiency with reduced pressure drop, prolonging performance.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Complete Filtration is committed to supplying our customers with quality products and services. We strive for customer satisfaction by continually reviewing our customers feedback and updating our quality management procedures.

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