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Complete Filtration offers a full range of performance grade filters with our best in class technology. We work with strategic OEM partners and select aftermarket customers.

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C.F. is dedicated to excellence in manufacturing, service, and technology.
Founded in 1982
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Filter Manufacturing, Assembly and Technology

We manufacture the next generation of air filtration technology for the gas turbine power generation industry. By incorporating a market differentiated company structure, Complete Filtration provides unique products and solutions to this rapidly evolving market.

What makes us unique?

The Complete Advantage

Sustainable practice
Sustainable Practice
We focus on reducing waste, improving efficiencies, and maximizing quality output, thus generating additional savings.
Private labeling
Private Labeling
Our custom labeling equipment enables you to have your company name, logo and part number on the both the filter and the box.
Reduced lead time
Reduced Lead Time
By inventorying the industries top 40 filters we are able to offer a reduced lead time and a quick turn around.

Industries Supported

Plasma cutting
Environmental protection
Power plant
Steel mill
Complete Filtration

Certificate of Registration

ISO 9001:2015 by NSF-ISR

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